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Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Positron

I hope you like reading! I want to provide a lot of backstory and details here, so this is likely to be very extensive. This is incredibly important to me, so I want to provide as much information as I can muster for this box right now, though hopefully without too much unnecessary fluff. If more consolidation is needed, I’d […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Jess Chisholm

I suffer from both severe anxiety and severe depression. This has been predominantly in 2014 but I have had anxiety all my life. This all developed when I had gastroparesis late 2013 and early 2014 where I had severe nausea. When that condition was resolved, I still found myself very nauseous, particularly when I was anxious. Because of this I […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Anon

I suffer (suffer?) from a pretty wicked mix of Histronic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Though, I do have a pretty hefty amount of empathy, which is considered unusual. As a streamer, professional gamer, and commentator, I see a lot of struggle in my everyday life. Most people consider narcissism to be a big ego or just being obsessed […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Lindsay Richards

Was in therapy or counselling from age twelve through eighteen, due to bullying igniting temper problems in Year 6 (Aus). Starting high school, the temper issues faded giving way to anxiety, depression and hypervigilance. I was diagnosed with Depression and General Anxiety Disorder between Year 8 and 10. I don’t remember much from those years, possibly due to the mental […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Jeffrey

When I was in junior high, I began to develop anxiety problems. I’d be convinced I had a horrible illness and no one could convince me otherwise. It was incredibly detrimental to myself and my family. I was given a prescription for prozac and it allowed me to function again. A few years a later, I began to develop OCD, […]