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Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Positron

I hope you like reading! I want to provide a lot of backstory and details here, so this is likely to be very extensive. This is incredibly important to me, so I want to provide as much information as I can muster for this box right now, though hopefully without too much unnecessary fluff. If more consolidation is needed, I’d […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission by LE

I’ve been diagnosed at one point or another with a few different things, but it seems like my diagnosis has finally settled on borderline personality disorder, chronic depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and some past OCD. I’m being treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy. That’s the clinical description, anyway. I failed out of school once because of depression that made me want to […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission

Without going into my background I was diagnosed with severe depression at the age of 20, following three difficult years. I’d lost about 20 kg in bodyweight, and was down to 69 kg at 179 cm. This made my doctor worry to the point where she’d prescribe me to eat chips and ice cream if I felt like it. I […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Anon

Diagnosed with severe depression and self harm as a teenager. Also suffered from severe insomnia, but it was treated as part of my depression, and I refused sleeping pills. Went through counseling and slowly recovered. I consider my depression to be “in remission,” not cured, and still struggle with mild depression now and again. I no longer self-harm and sleep […]