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Tag: catharsis

Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Sharon

I was always a ‘tightly wound’ child and teenager but developed depression and anxiety in my early twenties, due to the pressures of the workplace. When I had my first child I developed chronic PND and despite therapy and medication have not been able to ‘kick’ the Black Dog, so to speak. While things are manageable most of the time, […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission by LE

I’ve been diagnosed at one point or another with a few different things, but it seems like my diagnosis has finally settled on borderline personality disorder, chronic depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and some past OCD. I’m being treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy. That’s the clinical description, anyway. I failed out of school once because of depression that made me want to […]

Stories and Submissions

User Submission – Anon

Diagnosed with severe depression and self harm as a teenager. Also suffered from severe insomnia, but it was treated as part of my depression, and I refused sleeping pills. Went through counseling and slowly recovered. I consider my depression to be “in remission,” not cured, and still struggle with mild depression now and again. I no longer self-harm and sleep […]