This site is a wonderful resource for a balanced look at the impact video games can have on our youth. It is specifically directed at parents, carers and teachers. It aims to educate about a variety of very important issues around games and game play. is a resource website developed by Steven Dupon. It’s for parents and professionals who want to know more about video games and their impact on children and the community at large. It brings a balanced and evidence based approach to today’s most popular form of entertainment – video games!

This website deals with both the benefits and the risks and concerns. It provides suggestions for video games that are positive, educational and age-appropriate. We hope the website helps parents to deal with the challenges video games bring to the family, but also shows the opportunities they bring.

I appreciate how Dupon, the site’s creator, Manager of Manningham YMCA Youth Services and Founder of the Institute of Games, has striven to take a realistic look at the industry without sugar coating anything or turning a blind eye to one side of gaming or the other. He has ensured that the pressing issues are covered – for example, highlighting the true demographics of gaming, including its widespread prevalence, and the responsibility that parents must take to sure their kids are gaming safely. Much like any other hobby or activity, there are serious aspects to consider, and these include addiction, cybersecurity and accountability. Without shying away from the evidence of these pressing matters, Dupon adds balance and doesn’t let the initiative become consumed with risk management or scaremongering. He brings an interesting insight into the emotional and cognitive benefits that games bring too.
There is also a list of age-specific suggestions of safe and beneficial games for kids. We enjoy the featuring of our favourites too, such as Minecraft and Lightbot.

Jennifer Hazel

I'm a psychiatry doctor and passionate gamer. I run a resource called - an interface between video games and mental health.
This is a space for gamers to safely share their feelings, access personalised resources, and seek help without judgement or stigma.

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