Wonderfully, inspiringly, and importantly, the game industry is filled with advocates brave enough to write about or speak up about mental health despite the significant social stigma. You can read some of their articles and get in contact using the following links.


Austin Walker’s contribution to games writing is impressive to the point of intimidating! He has spoken about a variety of topics covering all aspects of culture. He is a strong advocate for diversity. He has his own website and contributes to other outlets regularly.

Here are some of the pieces he has written about mental health.

A Burnt Torch: Darkest Dungeon, Mental Health and Lovecraftian Horror 

The Long Game: Subterfuge, Formalism and Interactivity 

See Also: http://clockworkworlds.com/




Danielle Reindeau boasts roles as senior reviewer @Polygon, @idlethumbs co-host, a graduate professor, a game developer, among more. She regularly writes about mental health and has acted as a powerful advocate for diversity in gaming. Peruse and enjoy.

What does depression feel like? Will O’Neill explores darkness with hope and honesty.

The psychology behind to-do lists explains our “incomplete” complex

New advances in videogame therapy heal the mind and soothe the soul.






On SSRIs and irresponsible journalism
Johnny Chiodini

Johnny is the Senior Video Producer for Eurogamer & co-author of upcoming RPG @KayPachaGame. He has suffered with depression and found medication to be very useful for him. In this poignant article he reveals how much he was struggling, how difficult basic life tasks had become, and the impact of help. He responds to an article published in the UK media criticizing medication, a viewpoint which he believes could be harmful to many vulnerable people who rely on the media to inform them in a world full of advertisement, competition and ambiguous legality.


The Depression Post.
Jeff Green

Jeff Green is a games industry veteran with some exceptional titles and experiences under his belt. His reputation is international. His twitter bio says it all:

“Formerly of Computer Gaming World magazine. Formerly of http://1up.com. Formerly of EA. Formerly of PopCap. Now I detect hits at Hit Detection!”

His piece on depression shows a brave individual whose reputation rests on his titles, smashing the stigma associated with depression and talking honestly about his own journey.

Phil Owen is a freelance writer who has some produced some fascinating and illuminating articles for Kotaku discussing mental health and the potential therapeutic benefits of games from his personal anecdotal experience. Here are some of his pieces you may be interested in:

Science Isn’t Sure Yet If Gaming Addiction Is A Real Mental Disorder  

A Simple Change To a Star Wars Video Game Helped Me Fight Depression 

4 Video Games That Help You Understand And Deal With Your Depression



Joe Donnelly  is a decorated journalist who frequents a range of media outlets and world renowned game websites. He has introduced to many of these, his sensitive and personalised take on video game’s inclusion of mental health issues, the potential benefits of gaming, and his own experiences.

Drinking Games: Addiction In Virtual Spaces

Anxiety Disorders and the Great Escape Video Gaming Can Provide 

How Video Games Can Help With Depression 

About Suicide Therapy in Rapture



Jennifer Hazel

I'm a psychiatry doctor and passionate gamer. I run a resource called prescriptionpixel.com - an interface between video games and mental health.
This is a space for gamers to safely share their feelings, access personalised resources, and seek help without judgement or stigma.