In this article, PCAuthority’s Online Editor David Hollingworth talks honestly and objectively about his own experiences with anxiety. This article contains invaluable information on the definition of anxiety, what it feels like, treatment options and the role of gaming as a therapy. This includes the dangers of relying solely on gaming and the importance of discussing your issues with a professional.


Well, as I said at the beginning, I’m not alone. Just in my immediate group of friends there’s a high proportion who are either on, or have been on, medication of some kind to deal with anxiety, depression, or bipolar. But, like a lot of mental issues, it’s a tough one to talk about. That’s why so many do end up turning to gaming to help them cope – even in a multiplayer game, it’s still an inherently inward experience, and one that offers up much more control than a lot of these people – like me – feel in their daily lives.

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