I was having a rough time at school and went to a therapist who said I had a mix of anxiety and depression, bits and pieces from both. I’d always had issues with anxiety, but a really horrible summer (worst thing being the death of my grandmother) basically wrecked my ability to cope. I went to a therapist for that semester, which definitely did help. I still feel I have issues with both anxiety and depression though.

What Gaming Means To Me

Bioware is an amazing developer for me. The Mass Effect and Dragon Age series create such amazing worlds that it’s so easy to forget about what’s troubling me. Also, dumb as it sounds, my Commander Shepard is the strong, independent kind of woman I want to be. Bioware is very good at writing inspiring characters to help you put your problems in perspective and realize, “Hey, maybe that thing you’re scared of doing isn’t so bad.

And if it does go poorly, it’ll be fine. Life goes on.”

Gaming is just a very good way to have a few hours to immerse yourself in someone else’s life, which can be helpful if your life isn’t at a particularly good spot. Also, I’ve met so many amazing people through gaming. I’ve never had friends that really understood my hobby (being a woman who plays more typically “male oriented” games), but online I can talk to people like me.

by Sera

Jennifer Hazel

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