I suffer from both severe anxiety and severe depression.

This has been predominantly in 2014 but I have had anxiety all my life.

This all developed when I had gastroparesis late 2013 and early 2014 where I had severe nausea. When that condition was resolved, I still found myself very nauseous, particularly when I was anxious.

Because of this I had to be homeschooled for my final semester of year 12, and thus could not sit my final exams.

So although my anxiety has been very severe, this has impacted my mental state in terms of depression as well. I cannot leave the house, and haven’t done so in over 6 months, so I find it very difficult to spend time with my friends and extended family as they would all have to come to me. As a whole this whole experience sucks, but I am working towards fixing myself and creating a healthier me.

What Games Mean To Me

I find that the repetitive nature of most games, along with the distraction element helps me to relax significantly. Along with the calming music in both games I listed, I am able to focus on something that isn’t my emotional state and work towards calming myself down.

by Jess Chisholm

Jennifer Hazel

I'm a psychiatry doctor and passionate gamer. I run a resource called prescriptionpixel.com - an interface between video games and mental health.
This is a space for gamers to safely share their feelings, access personalised resources, and seek help without judgement or stigma.