Attention Deficit Disorder is viewed by everyone who doesn’t have it as a minor mental deficiency, but that’s often the way with things we don’t know about. I was diagnosed in yr5. The specialist said, “He’s in a fog and has to work through that to find anything everyone else takes for granted.”

For me, I’ve discovered I can’t mentally mature past a certain neurological age. I experience emotional trauma on a high scale even if the fog protects me from it immediately. Events usually take a couple of days to breach the fog, but when it does I’m generally less prepared for it than others and it sends me into a deeper depression (diagnosed at age 18), than usual. In such instances I always turn towards games and books (other worlds), to take the strain off and work through the trauma unconsciously.

What Gaming Means To Me

Morrowind – I played it for ten years straight to the point where I left a palm print upon my laptop beneath the letters Z and X.

Puzzle Pirates – an online MMORPG that helped me gain the confidence to be myself in rl. Being able to escape into a world that I can succeed in.

by @Mystery Fletcher

Jennifer Hazel

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