I suffer from anxiety, usually based around other peoples judgements of myself. At one stage I was having regular panic attacks. I’m also almost a year into fighting a bout of depression, which seems to be rooted in a lot of issues including death of a parent, stress at work and changes in my personal life.

What Gaming Means To Me

Playing games is a form of escape from the real world, games are so easy to immerse yourself in.

In MMOs, 99% of the people you end up meeting are nice people, they want to help you progress & often enjoy the company. It’s like whatever goes on in the real world doesn’t matter. On top of this there’s a sense of achievement for making progress or being helpful to a team. Come to think of it everyone in a clan/guild tends to celebrate a person’s progress like levelling up, although consciously its a lot of text saying well done, knowing there are people congratulating you has to have some sort of impact right?

by @elJukes

Jennifer Hazel

I'm a psychiatry doctor and passionate gamer. I run a resource called prescriptionpixel.com - an interface between video games and mental health.
This is a space for gamers to safely share their feelings, access personalised resources, and seek help without judgement or stigma.