In 2013, I started experiencing depression and anxiety for the first time. The anxiety has been rare, but the times it has hit me have been almost crippling. The first time it happened was when I received a summons for jury duty. When the time came to call the courthouse to confirm whether I would be needed, an overwhelming sense of dread overtook me. My chest tightened up, my breath left me, and I had to fight tears. I ended up ignoring the whole thing, risking the legal ramifications of doing so.

The Depression has been relatively mild; lack of motivation and all that. Sometimes I’ll sit on the floor of the shower, unable to bring myself to turn off the water and go about my day. Every now and then though, it gets to the point where I just stay in bed all day with all the lights off. I’ve never entertained thoughts of suicide, but I have, once or twice, considered the concept, which was enough to scare me to tears.

What Games Mean To Me

The games that help the most tend to be low risk, pick up and play kind of games like the Katamari series or Spelunky. Games where the gameplay is fast but relaxing, and the price of failure is minimal.

I think it’s the low energy and the light sense of progression. It allows me to feel productive even when my mind or body won’t allow me to actually get up and physically perform a task.

by John Wagner @CommodoreKD, Artist, YouTuber

Jennifer Hazel

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