I would say I suffered by melancholy or mild depression in my child and adolescent age. I thought about things a lot and there was always the dark side I was unable to overcome/ignore. Uncontrollable bad things in the world, human behaviour manifesting itself in horrors of history, the overwhelming unspoken expectations of society at the time (kids with a man), pointless meaning of life, etc. You name it.

I am an introvert and this kind of thought was always there and I didn’t know how to deal with them.

What Gaming Means To Me

Gamers helped me to divert attention. For a moment, I didn’t have to think about what is happening around me but just focus on story in the game. Do things which makes a sense. Or be freed by gender expectations by playing empowered female warrior or adventurer in RPG. Games are more personalized experience requiring active participation, it has the power to take over the player’s attention fully and either direct it in a new way (roleplaying) or simply give the player a pure break.

by Michaela

Jennifer Hazel

I'm a psychiatry doctor and passionate gamer. I run a resource called prescriptionpixel.com - an interface between video games and mental health.
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