Without going into my background I was diagnosed with severe depression at the age of 20, following three difficult years. I’d lost about 20 kg in bodyweight, and was down to 69 kg at 179 cm. This made my doctor worry to the point where she’d prescribe me to eat chips and ice cream if I felt like it.

I went through psychology sessions and heavier and heavier medication, to the point where I was almost zoned out for the entire day.

Since I’d dropped out of university, following the depression, I became part of a programme to help people in my age group get back to doing something useful. It was in this programme I began exercising again (maybe a bit too much) to the point where I had so much energy, that I made my doctor let me stop taking medicine.

I had ups and downs through two years, and I’m now going back to the educational system, hoping I can finish this time around.

What Made A Difference

Professional support and lots and lots of exercise.

by @K0mB47W0mB47

Jennifer Hazel

I'm a psychiatry doctor and passionate gamer. I run a resource called prescriptionpixel.com - an interface between video games and mental health.
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